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Hi all! Today we had a great practice with [@mention:573692591169355705], [@mention:577211662873788485], Toon and [@mention:523162737680436711] as the coach and it was BRUTAL Some of us are nearing certification and the practices are becoming more intense and firece good pratice and good memories everyone! Of course [@mention:455886150941203371] thats for all the rich feedback lat week.

A few takeaways.

> getting personal in Holacracy

We had several bumps in various rounds done by various facilitators with things getting to personal.

  • One instance was a proposal basing on a name of a person "Mark should lower..." instead of a Role. It could be easily handeled in Clarifyig Questions by a Facilitators question "Which Role of Mark you expect that from?"
  • Another instance was people reacting directly regarding the Proposer during Reaction Round which in turn made the Proposer feel unprotected. A simple explanation „In Holacracy we keep the reactions directed at space not at a specific person” could go a long way, even if only to comfort the Proposer.

> NVGO's reaction round coaching vs. maximising learning opportunity

Since it's often beneficial for the group and it's learning process to let an NVGO Proposal slip to Integration round there is sometimes a dilemma weather to react during the Reaction Round and mark the Proposal and na NVGO or to stay quiet and let it pass. There is a middle ground that will not make the Facilitator look sloppy or lazy and will gather the attention for in process learning of the participants. In order to do that a simple „Looks as the Proposal is na NVGO, bur don’t worry there will be an Objection Round and I will address it then" in the Reaction Round might be helpful.

Best to all and keep on practising!