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Konrad Olesiewicz posted:

Hi Jean-Luc,

That's a very interesting point you bring. I would say yes and no. It's the Proposer's aim to resolve his Tension so (A) and he does not need to be very mindful of his ecology as the system assumes that all other members will be frank and will give objections when they sense the Proposal harm some part of the organisation. In this regards it is in a way a collective intelligence process (B) but quite heavily moderated. Also in the integration round there is space for more emergence and collaboration on finding a good solution.

I'm just curious from where does your question come from? It it curiosity or is it a result of something else?


Hello Konrad and thank you for tour answer 

my question comes from a disagreement with colleagues: I explained to clients that the reaction is a time of collective intelligence embedded in the process of governance that allows them to start with a draft of proposal.

My colleagues told me that from their point of view, this is not the case (no Ci) ... which deeply amazed me and gave me the need to reflect. (in CI)

from where my post here

 As with Tom, Reading your answer, I can tell myself that reaction turn could be removed : the turn of objection is enough to handle the risks
so I wonder what would be lacking without the reaction turn ?