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I also find that helping humans adapt to this change is generally a better strategy than "fire them"... and, it sounds like some of the issues Keith is wrestling with may be beyond the normal change stuff, and may be indicative of more business discipline/rigor needed for the organization (with or without Holacracy at play).  That's often the case with many non-profits in my experience; they tend to be better than most at building a culture that offers emotional support for the people, and worse than most at building a culture that offers business discipline/rigor for the organization.  That may be completely off in Keith's case - and I didn't actually read his original post, so I'm responding solely to his last post above.  But that last post left me with a hunch that what his organization needs most may not be better emotional support for struggling humans, or even Holacracy coaching of any sort, but just more traditional business/performance focus and discipline.  Keith, does any of that resonate?