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There is much help here and I appreciate it.


I believe that there is much to consider regarding the "Human in Holacracy". 

There are people for whom Holacracy may be more challenging than for others.

  • some personality types, perhaps 'introverts', 'emoters', 'relation-oriented'
  • those who've been systemically oppressed, multicultural target groups
  • even just those who have spent their lives having to suppress opinion in order to stay employed/survive/advance/achieve

Above and beyond whether they can effectively offer Objection during governance, these types of Holacrats may struggle, or even find it nearly impossible, to process tensions with other practioners who don't follow the constitution or governance.

Don't take what I'm saying as an argument against Holacracy. We're 3 years 5 months into this thing and just expanded our implementation to the point that it would likely take some catastrophic failure and emergency for my organization to rescind its adoption. This is the only game in town, and I am bound to play this game and adhere to its rules. I also find the concepts and processes fascinating and psychoactive - although often terrifying as someone fitting descriptions noted above.

The struggle for me, and for some others, is reconciling our human natures amid the game and its rulebook, when the rulebook is the only safety net present and a truly level playing field is imaginary until/unless all players self-discipline, self-educate and completely embrace responsibility to know and operate within that rulebook.

"Colleague once again not processing messages? Your peer is prioritizing role over circle again and again? Got a tension about that other human not doing the accountability they're responsible for? Someone impacted your domain against your express permission? Others on team are so poorly educated in Holacracy they routinely conflate concepts and terminology - and won't do avail themselves of study resources? Lead Link assigned role to someone without skill, capacity, time, energy resource to fulfill more than a token presence? Circle re-elected someone who can't remember the steps or even follow summary cards? Others routinely violating governance?"

"Well - all of that is on YOU, because YOU are the one who has a tension about it. And if you don't process your tension, YOU are in violation of 1.2.1."

"Buck up, snowflake. Pull yourself up by those bootstraps."


I know that Holacracy is designed to manage the work, not the people... and I believe that the expecation is for people to be adults and work all the rest out in some sort of self-regulating processing towards equilibrium.

I'm just not sure that people (I'm a people too) are mature, self-aware, dedicated, responsible, humble, and compassionate-yet-direct enough.

Please direct me to any resources that proves my uncertainties wrong!