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[@mention:575944726524854281]. The Lead Link role takes the Strategy as defined in the Super Circle into the Sub-Circle. This way the overal Strategy as defined in the GCC or Anchor Circle is distributed into the Organization. If there are no Lead Links in any Circle then the Accountability needs to be transferred so the Sub-Circles still get the information on Strategy and the priorities that derivate from this.

How you want to set this up is your choice. If a Role like Strategy Guardian is created this Role will have an Accountability like: "Providing insight about the Company strategy". The Role in the Circle that has been given the Accountability for Establishing priorities then needs to take this information for priority setting. The transferred Accountability from the Lead Link role to this Role then can be something like: Establishing priorities and strategies for the Circle based on input from @Strategy Guardian.

Here a some links to HolacracyOne and their Strategy process: