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Konrad Olesiewicz posted:

Hi [@mention:575944726524854281]!

Thats a great topic. Like others I generally also feel that rolling out full Holacracy to a small org. can be difficult. I have one company that is about 6 people and I advise and coach small business owners who are scaling their org. and are not open for full roll-out. What I sometimes do is a kind of "Holacracy Light" version to keep things more tight and directed. Below is the list of "must haves" I usually do as a starting point:

  • list of roles their purposes and accountabilities
    • sometimes I do it even in a simple excel file, keeps everyone on track what's important and why, how many different things we have on our plate so it also act's as kind of "capacity tracking" for reality-check
  • a simple meeting pulse + GTD for various level
    • I set up a weekly or bi-weekly simplified regular tactical/goveranance meetings for various levels (kind of circles) of roles (usually two main levels: owners and project leaders where there are business and product decisions) .
    • of course all project and next-action must be capture in a simple GTD-style doc either in Trello or just plain Word Doc
  • purpose of company is a MUST

It's more for a start-up setup intended to scale to a more mature adoption in the future. Hope it helps and good luck!



Thanks, Konrad! That's a helpful insight there! But I have some questions:

- how these levels meetings really work? and what's the difference between the owners and the project leaders in practice?

- how can we organize in Trello all projects and next actions in a way we can get all company's activities in a single board? we already use it, but it's not so visual and organized

- after defining and clarifying company's purpose, how can I organize the archor circle? do you even use it? how about the defined roles for the archor circle? can I just ignore them? I am wondering if there is a need of a main leader (Lead Link) in the archor circle or if we can just run it 100% horizontal. and if it's needed, how can I position myself as the Lead Link or whatever the name I'm calling this major managament guy? (since all the 3 employees are business partners, so everyone what's to decide everything)