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Chris Cowan posted:

[@mention:454478741268114544] Thanks for pointing that out. My role updates the meeting cards, and my usual plan of updating content in small steps seems to be causing confusion (so you're definitely not the only one feeling that). 

My plan going forward is to have iteration releases every 6 months to avoid this. In this case, the print version is the most updated, and I'll make sure to get the PDF version updated as well. 

I'd be happy to see frequent small updates the meeting cards, even better if you could post some explanation in the forum about the changes you're making. I imagine that would be a great learning opportunity for many of us.

Let me suggest a different solution to the original tension that keeps frequent releases: add the version (eg. release date) to the meeting cards, so even if they differ it's easy to see which version is the more up-to-date.