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OK! So today we had a very nice practice with [@mention:563839477050140014], [@mention:573692591169355705] and Toon Franken. Amongst others, a few things were worth mentioning:

> Testing the same objection by different people

We has a proposal in which the proposer wanted to add a "Website" Domain to his Role and various other Roles raised objections stating they will not be able to update and clients will have obsolete data. After first testing and validating the Objection it was obvious that all objection will be valid based as they had same Tensions behind them. The facilitator did not test all of them based on this assumption. In one way it was a "breach" of the rigour, on the other it made sense and "felt right" to do so not to be "silly". I wonder what is your take on this? Maybe it is OK with advanced groups only or so?

> Adding policies on fresh Domains

Again we had a proposal in which we wanted to add a Domain to a Role and during integration round the participants agreed to leave the Domain be if we add some Policies to the Domain of the Role. We also know that the Domian-holder can add his own Policies how to impact his Domain. We assumed it should be done right away during the integration round.

How can this be done technically in Glassfrog technically since the Domain in not there and it does not yet show in the "Affects Domain" drop-down list in Add Policy/Edit window ? 

Also how later can the Domain holding Role add policies to this domain? It it async governance or the Domain holding Role can do it when it wishes so?

Thanks in advance and take care!