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Totally agree with [@mention:449833773917801859], great explanation. What we learned now (just a bit short of 1 year with Holacracy) is that in the old structure we hired managers which brought leadership skills (basically these where our business leader).

Our problem often is that if we try to hire people with leadership skills / business leaders now those are most often full-fletched managers (and they intend to stay in line management positions). So quite often, they are not interested to work for us - the employee market is just not set yet to provide us with skilled business leaders who are not line managers.

We need more time to learn how to cope with this, but my guess is

a) we need to start looking for skills rather than position/ titles

b) start to actively develop needed skills (especially business leaders, I like the term btw) in our current staff

[@mention:576789226644687408], sorry for hijacking your thread. I understand this is not the core focus of your article. But I think this one of the most crucial points for organisations in transition to adopt Holacracy successfully