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As I often say in my trainings, you can have the perfect role structure and the perfect constitutional rule set adopted, but if you assign six year olds to fill all your roles and govern the organization using those rules, you're going to have a disaster, not a high-functioning organization.  Sounds like you might have some adults acting like six year olds there - even if for lots of understandable reasons.  Every company does of course (most of us act like six year olds at least sometimes), though I do think you need a certain ratio or critical mass of adults-acting-like-adults vs. those acting like six year olds to avoid that becoming a huge bottleneck.  I'd be curious how a conventional management hierarchy would deal with that situation too though, and if it'd enable any more high functioning than Holacracy would (perhaps it would, or perhaps not, and likely it'd be a big bottleneck either way).  All that to say: you probably have an issue there regardless of your organizational framework, and Holacracy is not designed to solve that issue any more than management hierarchy is; whichever framework you use, you probably need other tools on top of it to address those issues...  And I know that's not very helpful; if I had a tool to offer you I'd share it, but as a business leader in both management hierarchy and Holacracy, my solution to the issue of adults routinely acting like six year olds has been fairly crude and simplistic (although effective): fire them quickly and find someone else to do the work instead.  :-)

- Brian