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Hi Ali - To echo Bernard Marie's point, they already need to accept the role assignment, unless they've agreed otherwise (e.g. in an employment contract).  But I'd like to add another caution here: it sounds like you're motivated to design something here based on principle, so that it feels less like a management hierarchy.  That's often a trap; the goal of Holacracy is not to make things feel less like a management hierarchy or remove management hierarchy dynamics - it's to enable a company to more effectively organize around a purpose.  Is the role assignment process you use now getting in the way of expressing that purpose somehow?  Do you have a concrete example of how that happened, in a specific case (or many cases)?  Or is it just that it feels like the old approach and you want to evolve it from principle?  If it's the latter, I'd say resist the urge.  If it's the former and you do have a concrete example of where the current approach actually got in the way of getting the work done (not just "it felt like the old way"), then go looking for a solution to that specific tension; know what you're trying to solve for, so you can assess potential approaches against the real tension.

Good luck!