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Jeff Kreh posted:

My advice is try it out as a way to define the operational structure of the organization before growing the personnel structure. Now is a good time to capture the emerging organizational reality. 3 is a small organization, but clarity is important and will only become more important as the personnel organization grows. You simply must define the operational structure before increasing complexity - which will happen with additional personnel - if the vision and purpose might be compromised with the addition of more people. Having established roles in place also makes it easier to bring new people into the organization since they'll have a meaningful and worthwhile role to fill - to get the ground running in.

Thanks, Jeff! We already defined all the roles within the organization and I am wondering if that's enough, since we are only in 3 people, or if we might continue to emerge deeply in holacracy, following the constitution and all its policies. 

What do you think?


Thank you!