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Nadir Aliev posted:

Thanks for the answer! If I understand correctly, on the governance of the sub-circle the lead-link should make a proposal to add this accountability for one of the roles or create a new role. But what if the proposal on the sub-circle governance is rejected or a modified proposal is accepted? Rep-link of the sub-circle should come up with a new tension on the governance of the super-circle?

Hey Nadir, has this rejection of the unpacking of a new circle accountability in the sub-circle actually happened or is this just a theoretical what-if question? I am struggling to imagine why such a proposal for a new role with a new accountability should fail to pass the governance of the sub-circle. The new accountability is a mandate for the circle. If the LL fails to bring his unpacking proposal through governance (again: for what reason???) he/she should simply keep trying to process it into a role at the next meeting. In the meantime, the supercircle will still continue to expect this new accountability of the circle and the LL has to hold it until it is delegated to a new or an existing role.