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Adam Banko posted:

We tried importing some rules from the environment and that had two issues.

1. Gave the impression that these are rules that we could change via Governance that lead to some awkward moments and disappointments.

2. All the other rules (laws) that we didn't show in our governance still applied and that lead to some more confusion.

What we ended up doing was asking the Legal role to create summaries and we linked to those as "Notes" in GlassFrog, sometimes we linked to them from Policies so people get the context. This way it was clear this is not part of Our governance, we don't control it, but it's there and available in GlassFrog.

I guess you could also have these as Policies as long as it's clearly stated, which rules are not part of our governance and just linked/copied here for convenience.

Thank you Adam, I like your approaches. It makes sense to link "outside rules" to Glassfrog and make all those rules visible to get a central overview.