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So getting back to practice. I did some self study a few days back and was working with a series of videos about meeting facilitation: A Better Way to Facilitate Holacracy® Governance Meetings by [@mention:455886150941203371] (thanks for doing those!)  which I really recommend to everybody. It's a wealth of tips and fresh perspectives on the topic (I am not being paid for the endorsement  I'll just share a few things just proved to be very valuable to shape my thinking:

-- Genreal

  • Facilitation is all about PRESENT PROPOSAL and OBJECTION rounds
    • it is the place where most action takes place thus required good balance between "protecting the proposer" and "encouraging the objector" attitude, if we do just the first thing the learning experience for the team will be less effective then it could be, this also implies that we need to get comfortable with objections
  • Facilitators are facilitating the PROCESS not the PEOPLE
    • the process facilitates the people so there should be minimum Time-outs and more using objection round to convey learning experience as the extension to bring more "balance" between PROPOSAL and OBJECTION.

-- Clarifying Questions

  • Here I found a great Reason (from 3R's see threads above)  while cutting of people in CQ round to explain that this round is about GATHERING INFORMATION and not CONVEYING INFORMATION.

-- Reaction Round

If I would put a label in what inspired me here it would be OBJECTION is KING but to get more specific:

  • It’s about OTHERS GETTING THINGS OFF their chest and sense if they will have an Objection.
  • It’s not neseccasry to give a reaction, because the Proposer might want to integrate in Amend & Clarify which should can be done in Integration round where there is more space for real interaction and generative discussion.

-- Amend & Clarify

  • Stick to the fact that it’s all about PROPOSER'S TENSION. Do not create an illusion he should integrate the Reactions. There will be more juice and fuel for Objection round.

-- Objection

  • It’s all about RESPECTING the opinion and PERSPECTIVE of OTHERS and creating a frame of Objection being valuable is crucial.
  • Try to lower the bar for people to give Objections for example by stating that "If you don't like the idea, object it and we will test it and integrate it together".

Much more is in the actual article, which I highly recommend