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Oi Matheuz !

I quite agree with Fritz. In my experience, to apply holacracy with only 3 people and feel that the benefits are worth the efforts, you probably need  :

- either people very committed with this new social technology, very convinced

- or a big "why", a strong concrete issue that the team faces and could be tackle by adopting holacracy

- or as Fritz describes : a perspective of scaling quite soon, thant you want to prepare.

Nevertheless, I believe that the 1st option does exist. And personnaly, if I start a business even with just 1 ore two other partners, I want to do it using Holacracy because that the way I want to work. 

About the second part of your question (full x partial application), I would need to understand better what you have in mind to give you my feedback. If you're interested in, please contact me by email (v_lagalaye@yahoo.fr)  or PM so we can schedule a conversation.

Tudo de bom prara você !