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Today we had a great session with [@mention:523162737680436711] acting as a coach and with [@mention:573270378652500913], Toon Franken, Nick ten Brinke and [@mention:563839477050140014]. There was some great feedback and real-life tips. Some of the food for thought include:

> Balance of Coach vs. Facilitator Role during a meeting

It was a great insight to have a more differentiation of Holacracy Coach and Facilitator Role. As a Facilitator it's great to keep the process in flow and as a Coach you want to make sure there are some good in process learning opportunities and enough comment for people to stay connected. Its seems subtle to be able to sense how much of knowledge transfer is enough and one has to balance it out yourself, but it's good to know the difference.

> Cutting off discussion with a pathway

It's always a good idea to give a pathway while cutting off. For example if someone is reacting in Claryfing Questions then he can be stoped and informed that there will be space for that in the Reaction Round. The 3R's come with help:

  • R - rule - why it's not allowed to do this now (according to constitution)
  • R- reason - the reason why is that
  • R - redirect - where the need of the person can be met (other round, new Tension etc.)

Still in the Coach vs. Facilitator dynamic it's need balancing out how much 3R's there will be in a meeting as maybe it's very time sensitive and the cutting off must be very brief and decisive.

> mature vs. fresh Holacracy groups

Two tips on that:

  • With fresh groups start with yourself with Check-in round to show how a good check-in is done.
  • With fresh group during objection round do all objection testing questions, with mature groups and time sensitive meeting you can just go to a question that you feel is most appropriate for this particular Objection.


Cheers and good practising!