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Chris Cowan posted:

[@mention:564684143600201011] I wonder who has the right to dispose of a Domain though? I guess it would be the LL of the respective circle which own the domain or does it always goes back to the Anchor Circle (which might not have a LL if they are only Cross-Links there)?

A) Domains and B) Assets/Resources are really two different constructs, operating at different "levels of reality" for lack of a better term. 

Meaning, domains exist the same way a map exists, and..."The map is not the territory." So, disposing of a domain simply means deleting it from governance. Boom. Gone. Domain disposed. 

The complication exists, because in some cases (but certainly not all) a domain signifies (i.e. is a label in governance to represent) a physical or re-sellable resource or asset (*sigh). 

So, it's fine to think day-to-day of something like "the website" as a conflated, singular, hybrid domain-asset thing, but we also need to make sure we can see the distinction.  

Does that make sense? (and I'm genuinely asking because I don't feel confident I explained it very well).  

[@mention:455886150941203371] Thanks! yes this it makes sense to me. The map is not the territory does the trick so now I can differentiate better between the thing (asset) and a right to manage a thing (asset). So my question arose from that small confusion.

One can has a domain over a car (for example) still does not mean he can sell it to an 3rd party outside the org. on his own. I m just a bit puzzled about the possibilities of Roles transfering ownership of things with right policies/accountabilities etc. do you maybe know where I can read more on that?

Thanks in advance and have a good weekend,