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Hallo Keith, interesting question. No clarity on it in the Constitution. Also 2.6.3 implies that the same rules apply, so also the multi filled role (2.4.2) that you address. This means that as long as clarity is not decreasing you may assign multiple people to the LL role. Important in that case is that it is absolute clear which Focus is doing which Accountability. 

Would I suggest it to do it this way? No!

I would advice the LL of the Super Circle to assign one of the three people to become the Lead Link because the reason for the creation of the new Circle is to expand the defined role into multiple roles. The assignment of LL is only the result of the creation of this new Circle and has nothing to do with the 3 people filling the current role.

Looking forward on other views from the Holacracy channel on this or a guideline that shows that the Constitution provides clarity.