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We had an abundance of practitioners today We did a nice training with [@mention:563839477050140014], [@mention:573692591169355705], [@mention:527948166491091727], Dathane Turner  and Toon Franken. We experienced a lot of styles and different energies of facilitation. Thanks guys!

From more interesting bits.

> inability to object (and thus later integrate) to ones proposal

We had a situation where one person presented a proposal to address a Tension coming out of his roles. The proposal was to add an accountability to a Role that would address the issue. Then during the objection round the Proposer became the Objector and said that there is a person better suited for this accountability and that it would be good to change that. But the objection was dropped after testing as invalid because of wanting to help other Role. So it went through and the Proposer/Objector now would need to add a new Tension to modify his newly accepted Proposal. 

Have you had a situation like that? What do you think about it? Could the freshly accepted Proposal be modified during the same Governance meeting or it would have to wait for a new one?

> pathways during cutting off

More of a observation. One of the facilitators was very good at cutting people of quickly and sometime he gave great pathways how to direct the reaction or disruption in the process. It made me appreciate how sometimes effective is to do BOTH: cut off quickly and redirect the disturbance to either reaction round or a new Tension. Especially during the initial coaching phases or learning Holacracy.