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[@mention:550889693769022824]: interesting case. As we do not know the objections it is harder to provide you with an answer. First on the integration: You start with P and O1. If they state both that there objection/tension is integrated you use this new Proposal to integrate with O2 and so on (Art 3.3.5(f)). As Integration is an open dialog, in the start focused on Proposer and Objector (Objector what can be changed to remove your objection........), everybody can be part of the integration solution.

For me the biggest question is if the Objections come from roles of the Partners that are influenced by the Proposal. Do all these 8 people have roles that have Accountabilities related to the compensation of the Trainer role or is it a personal objection or helping the Circle in general.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Tom