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Reply to Eligibility

By Francesco Lomonaco Topic posted 12/16/2017

Hi Francesco my understanding is the following:

as a general statement: non-core circle members cannot be elected, 

however :

Any "non-core" circle member (or shall I say literally "anyone")   may become "core" by simply being invited via one of the available means provided by  articles  2.3.4 (..."additional persons"...) and 4.1.4 (..."someone else"...). This to my eyes makes  the distinction substantially irrelevant for the purpose of elections,   As a matter of fact as you correctly say for  training or other purposes you might want to have external facilitators and secretaries or to rotate them between circles.

Then I agree with you, electing an external Rep Link might not be a smart move, but who knows, what if a good number of circle member believes  someone external, once invited to the meeting,  could be a good tension ambassador candidate for the Super Circle ;-)? And even in that case the rep link can always invite someone who might help him in processing specific tensions (i.e. think of some domain expert in the Circle that could help describing the nature of the tension to the containing Circle for it to be better processed there)


PS: [@mention:551171168851329852] article 4.1.4 is not linkable externally (i had to point to 4.1.3) due to a typo in the id field of the corresponding html tag.

  (<a id="art414-" , that dash seems to mess up things when linking)