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Konrad Olesiewicz posted:

> Objection round the proposer also states objections

So, we had this question about weather the Facilitator should ask the Proposer if he also has any objection. We glanced through the Constitution and did not find specifics. We partly concluded, partly recalled from HPT that this true when the Proposer has additional roles than the one that is presenting the proposal (which is often true). This is beneficial two-fold. On one hand it reminds the Proposer of a larger context of other roles he might have missed. On the other hand it reinforces the "people are not roles" principle.


I know it sounds weird to ask the proposer if he has objections (even if he does not have other roles), however, I found useful to say that it is a way to change your own mind. That posture allowed to have a couple of times the Proposer objecting after having heard other objections that triggered other thoughts. Everyone appreciated.

In any case, I agree with you that the option of objecting to their own proposals should be further clarified in the Constitution.