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"Can holacracy co-exist with a company where some people can concentrate wealth while some are dissatisfied about the compensation system" 

The answer is yes, Holacracy in its basic tenets is purposely agnostic with respect to these implementation details, however being dissatisfied about the compensation system is something that might be processed inside holacracy in order to modify the existing compensation system, which brings me to your second question:

"do all have agency in designing the compensation policies in holacracy, even as they are moving towards the vision mission aim"

well in some sense yes, and in several ways, the most basic one would be to capture part or whole of the existing mechanism in order to have a starting point and then modify it via holacracy decision processes (capturing reality always generates valid proposals as per the Constitution: see article 3.2.2 "a Proposal is always valid regardless of the preceding criteria if it is made solely to help evolve the Circle’s Governance to more clearly reflect activity that is already happening"), if there is not compensation system, than proposing roles and policies to create one becomes the starting point.

The only "holacratic" way to build a compensation system is to try and fail until the number of related tensions is progressively reduced all other factors kept equal.