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Thanks for your inputs.

[@mention:449974511452179429], I'm not sure I caught the connection with articles 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 in this matter. I guess you meant 2.3.2 and 2.3.3 ?

If I try to synthesize all the pieces :

Governance meeting attendance (section 3.3.1) : All Core Circle Members are entitled to fully participate in all Governance Meetings of a Circle [...] no one else is allowed to participate in a Circle’s Governance Meetings unless explicitly invited by a Policy of the Circle.

Exclusion from multi-filled role (section 2.3.2) : [...] the Circle may enact a Policy that limits how many of them are Core Circle Members [...]

Exclusion for minor allocation (section 2.3.3) : [...] the Lead Link may exclude that Partner from serving as a Core Circle Member [...]

Still not clear sometimes for me of what I could do or not with a policy, especially when trying to "overrule" the constitution.

My understanding is : 

  • Election takes place in the governance meeting
  • To be able to attend the governance, you need to be core circle member or invited (many ways)
  • An election is a tension brought during the governance. You can ask for a specific governance meeting for an election, but you don't have to.


=> So, what we would need is a policy that somehow could ask for dedicated governance meeting for any election and allow all circle members (not only core members) to attend to it.

Nothing would forbid that ?