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Reply to A New Management Library

By Jeff Kreh Topic posted 12/01/2017

Inspiring post.  I read it to my 17 year old son!  Also an interesting exercise to think back through the influences that caused Holacracy to resonate so strongly with me.

Haven't seen Doug Kirkpatrick's Beyond Empowerment mentioned yet.  It's pretty good.

Probably writings from most of the Austrian School economists (Hayek, et al) would support your mission.

More personally, I only recently realized that reading A.S. Neill's Summerhill (way back in college) was kind of my first discovery of the idea of autonomy (specifically within education).  It was very inspiring at the time.

More recently (and perhaps tangentially), Bill Hendricks's The Person Called You was an influence.  He emphasizes an iterative approach to finding your ideal career--something that Holacracy definitely makes easier.

Ricardo Semler is also kind of an interesting guy.  He comes to mind because one of his "projects" is similar to what you're doing:  he is building schools in Brazil to raise students that can thrive in purpose-driven, autonomous environments like Holacracy.