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Interesting stuff to ponder - where Shadow Power might be infringing in your interactions with the team.

One thought here in particular - which respect I ask - what makes you think that as @Secretary you have the accountability to remind people to record their checklist / metric items? I don't see anything about that in the role definition - only that you 'maintain a compiled view'. It's the other @Partners' responsibilities to report on their own items. Nothing in constitution specifies the what how or why of this.  It does not require a @Partner to type the entry nor does it require @Secretary to remind them to do so.

It can be verbally reported during that section of the meeting, then @Secretary records. It might be some self-entry dashboard tool that @Secretary requests the Circle Members to access and utilize - but nothing requires them to do so in advance of the meeting or in any specific way.

We've bumped up against that a few times, including having a @Partner in one circle wanting a @Secretary in another to record items in a different or specific way, location, etc - but as long as the information is available, there is no means to demand or require specific methodology.