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A few quick thoughts...

Some "poking" sounds like you're simply staying involved with the things you care about. Asking for a projection, or getting updates on projects or accountabilities is all perfectly fine. In your example, "So I put my name into the cell for the coming week and informed people that the document is empty so far and asked them to have a look at it and put their names in it." If they already agreed to put their names in and publish something, then reminding them of this agreement is perfectly fine. Especially, if you're the Lead Link of a relevant circle, in which case clarify the task through a prioritization (e.g. "This is a top priority"). Maybe people have been strategically de-prioritizing it because they are working on higher value stuff. Maybe not, but a prioritization is a good way to get clear (or simply ask, "what's in the way?"). Now, having said all of that, as the former powerholder there may be some additional opportunity for you to assist with the power shift by making it clear you're reminding people of something they agreed to, or you're setting a prioritization as Lead Link, rather than demanding or mandating anything as "the Boss." 

Some "poking," might be problematic because it sounds like you're taking Individual Action (IA), but not following the rules defined for IA. So, one example you mentioned, "The role holder whose accountability it is to remind people thanked me and said she would have done it next week." This is an interesting case. If there is a role with a clear accountability for doing something, then it's actually fine for someone else can act in that role, but there are rules around it (see the hyperlink above). I'll specifically call out this section: "If your Individual Action was effectively acting within another Role, or violated a Domain or a Policy, then you must cease from continuing to take similar Individual Action upon request of whoever normally controls that Role, Domain, or Policy, or upon request of the Lead Link of the Circle holding the affected entity." In other words, if you already know there is a clear Role for something, then you should start by "poking" them, unless you think more harm would be done to take the time to notify them. And if you don't want to wait on their timeline, just ask, "I know this is your accountability, may I take IA in your role to send out the reminder myself?" When I get these requests in my company I'm thankful; "You want to do my job so I don't have to? Please, go ahead!"