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Isn't one of the principles of the "Tension Process" to surface the conflicts in order to resolve them.  In Dysfunctions the fear of conflict often causes inaction in the form of talking an issue to death or not talking about it at all. Either account is paralyzing to moving forward. Jerry Harvey in Abilene Paradox labeled this. Anxiety, uncertainty, speed or pace of change abound. The trick it seems is to have commitment to dealing with the tough stuff and a process that brings it on. 

As an aside the idea of speaking from role with a purpose is designed to reduce the fear or anxiety to use the process most effectively. 

As an unsolicited addendum to this. If you're not family with Harvey's work in addition to Abilene Paradox take a look at "How Come Every Time I Get Stabbed in the Back, My Fingerprints are on the Knife?" It is my very favorite title for a business and life book.