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Hi Florian! Well, that’s a very good and hot topic! I’m not in an Owner Role, but I have been observing exactly this problem in my circle and I also had problems myself as people seem to believe, if you work with Holacracy you have no deadlines at all, and self-responsibility does not automatically lead to mutual responsibility. We started having the problem, that customers complained about one employee, this person was not ready to react or change anything and there was no role at all wirh the authority to “force” the role to act as our purpose says (offegering a great customer experience). The big risk in this case is to go back to “old hierarchical behaviours” as old managers felt this situation was a big risk for our organization. The paradox problem is: if you react, you are committing “Bossing” if you don’t, you are not taking care of the purpose in a responsible way and put the business in danger. If you ask for disciplinary Power again, you will be damaging the power shift process, so what to do? I have inspired myself on the Colleague Letter of Understanding by Morning Star. Teams do sit together and define their expectations from each other explicitly, and define a process for a conflict solution which will be applied anytime, ANYBODY feels, that something is going wrong or not fitting with the expectation on the role. In this way you have a defined process, which everybody had to sign to be committed to use, will allows you to take action, if somebody else is not taking his responsibility seriously (and it will be legitimately!). It must be clear, that everybody has the right and the “must” to care about the accomplishment of the common goals. A further aspect of this is to build up (non violent) communication skills in the team, so that your request doesn’t sound as an order to others. I hope I could explain this clearly enough, otherwise you can just write to me. I will br happy to share that “app” with you. Best regards, Eliana