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So today, we had yet another great session with [@mention:548355922639373031], [@mention:534281552617879089] and [@mention:474746343788652082]. Again thanks to everyone who participated. I have some following reflections.

> cutting people off quicker

Phew, and I thought that on-site that is a tough one. Being on-line takes it to a whole new level where you can't use your presence and body language to redirect attention to the proper person. One thing is the physical side, the other is emotional to get in the habit of confidence and trusting that all have accepted the same ruleset and want to follow it (more or less).

> finding in-process learning/pathways vs. doing coaching time-outs balance

It's my habit to occasionally do time-out to do a bit of in process coaching on Holacracy rules. On reflection I see it's probably best to include the option of the time-out in the initial facilitation framing so that people can ask question if they really need to and focus on showing them what they can do and what are their pathways in the current situation. So that to get a good mix of supporting good meeting habits and teaching Holacracy rules in a way not to overwhelm them during a meeting nor to loose it's momentum but still get the message across.