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Reply to Backup Offline Governance Process

By Myonara Topic posted 11/06/2017

Hi [@mention:567076918898373343]  - the constitution specifically allows for offline (or "asynchronous") governance. The policy we use at GrantTree for is pasted below. The effect of this is that most governance proposals is processed offline, and we only occasionally have to schedule a meeting when it's required.

I also want to add that old piece of advice: there's nothing you can do in a Tactical meeting, that you can't do outside. So you can give and request project updates at any time. There are also a number of tools for facilitating team stands (for instance the Howdy plug-in app for Slack - https://howdy.ai) that can be set to ask people to report on their metrics and checklists at set inetrvals. 

Hope that helps!

Best wishes, Andrew 


  • All circles support asynchronous proposals. The Secretary will specify the channel where Governance proposals are being made using a published note (and if this note is changed, the Secretary will notify all Circle Members). To ensure proposals get proper attention and are not missed in the chatter, this must be a dedicated, "no chat" channel.

    Governance proposals can be made on that channel on Slack tagged [@]channel, either as a post with a title beginning "Governance:" or using GlassFrog.

    Reactions and clarifying questions can be offered on Slack.

    Objections can only be raised by escalating the proposal to a governance meeting. To escalate, either @ message the Proposer on Slack with an explicit request or click the "Bring to Meeting" button. If no such request is received within 7 days, the proposal is accepted and the proposer may update the governance records accordingly (if the proposal was made via GlassFrog, this is done automatically). If an objection is received, it's the responsibility of the proposer to contact the Secretary to arrange a governance meeting.

    If a Circle member feels a tension with an asynchronous proposal resulting in pressing “Bring to Meeting,” that person must make themselves and their tension known to the proposer so that there is the opportunity to discuss and potentially amend the proposal BEFORE bringing to a meeting. If the two Circle members are unable to meet both tensions, or if additional Circle members express tensions with a proposal, only then will the proposal be brought to a Governance meeting.