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So today we had a very nice though private practice group with [@mention:550889693769022824] and [@mention:493465881837995141] as the coach. Some of the people had to do some firefighting at work and could not attend.  Your loss - Ewa gives some kickass detailed feedback Thanks guys.

On that note if anyone knows any coaches or is a coach and would like to shadow any of the practice groups please do post here od let me know.

An interesting basic bit I had the occasion to learn today.

> even the reactions need to be focused

So, as it turns out, as a Facilitator,  it's important to keep the reactions focused on the proposal and to cut-off any reaction to reaction and redirect the attention on the process. For once it is written in the v. 4.1 Constitution 3.3.5 (c) but even if you think about it you want the attention and energy to go into the Proposers Tension as it is the most important thing on the plate at this moment.

Thanks and looking forward to the next practice!