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Hi Giovanna,

I'm thinking of seeking a middle ground between "low-trust by default" and "blind trust". I'm weary of the let-go-of-your-fear attitude in the face of grounded concerns. Contractors might steal and use your IP, or leak them to your competitors.

Is it safe enough to try to share everything with them knowing these concerns? Could you adopt later if it turns out it was a bad idea?

How big would be the harm if there's only a single "bad apple" who misused the trust? In contrast, what is the cost of not sharing everything?

If sharing everything risks too much (possibly the life of the company), what level of transparency seems safe enough to try?

Maybe now I sound anti-transparency, I'm usually a huge advocate. What I'm trying to emphasize is that this can be a more rational decision weighing the benefits and cost, and I think that is the responsible thing to do... and often the answer is transparency and trust. Just don't do it because "Transparency is Good and should be everywhere" or "You should let go all your fears".