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I have some thoughts on employees vs. contractors that might also shed some more light on your question.

I started to think of teammates ( typically full-time employees) and contractors in different ways. We have very different relations, expectations with them. Not just from the legal and business but also very different mindsets.

I think of teammates as pro-active role fillers, who should make all decisions that help them advance their roles. For this work they need as much information as possible, we can't know in advance what information they will need tomorrow to decide about whatever comes in their way. The company relationship with them is also not transactional, if they have a personal crisis and can't perform at 100%, most companies still pay team members full salary and maybe gives even more support to help them recover.

Contractors on the other hands typically have a transactional relationship with the company. Do work X in exchange for money Y, and we don't expect them to be especially proactive about it, go outside their box and further the company in a way that a team member does. This typically means limited expectations and limited authority. With this, it's easier to say what information they need access to perform their more clearly defined work.

Of course, this is not black and white and there are exceptions. Still, I hope this differentiation helps.