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Hi Andrew, thank you for your clarifying questions. We want to be role models of a Teal Organization, where employees are not subordinates but all equals, where decision-making is allowed in every part of the company. In order to support all employees in their decision-making we believe all information must be available. We are about to share even financials with all employees.

Our questions is: "In order to be as transparent as possible, how much and what kind of information shall be shared?"

The two doubts we have are about:

Contractors: while employees work 100% of their time for us and there is a contract they are binded to, contractors work for us and other competitors at the same time and their contract is much less binding. Shall we share our financials  or other sensitive data with them, even if they don't need to know them in order to make decisions about the work they do for us, and even if we risk that  information leaks to our competitors who can use it against us?

IP (intellectual property): Our major asset is the Intellectual Property we own on our training programs. If we share all our session plans, agendas, workbooks, etc. to all contractors, we may risk that some of them will use our programs for their clients or pass them to our competitors and it would de-value our assets, making them not exclusive any longer. It would be like a software company sharing the codes of their programs to any collaborators, or a food company like Ferrero, sharing with all employees the formula of Nutella :-). 

Hope this make sense.