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Hi Giovanna,

I think our two organizations have a lot in common with how we work with contractors and our main asset being IP and training materials.  I wonder if a call to chat about how each of us has implemented holacracy and how we include contractors might help both of us with thinking about how other orgs are doing this work?  

From our perspective, we are in the process of implementing materials use agreements with each of our partnering trainers.  We haven't really considered it with all the roles on our team.  That is likely short-sightedness on our behalf.  We do use copyright protection for some of our materials and are in the process of developing a creative commons licensing policy for other parts of our IP catalogue.  

When it comes to sharing materials--we typically only share them with roles that use them.  So our trainers will gain access to materials as they are needed for a specific session so that they can be studied and modified to the audience.  That said, we are pretty loose with closing out project folders after an event or an kinds of access rules so most people could access them if they wanted.  We are a virtual team and operate out of dropbox for file sharing which adds another level of complexity to the situation.  

Send me a personal message if a call might help with hashing out how each of us thinks about the work.  I would certainly welcome the opportunity to hear more about your approach to working with a team composition like the one you described.