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Reply to What do your rep links do?

By Kevin Topic posted 10/25/2017

I can share what I do as the Rep Link of Ecosystem Circle within H1: people comes to me and expose their tensions (tensions they can't process within the circle itself because it is broader than that). I try to understand it and have a skype to dive in further and then I make a proposal out of governance. If it is escalated, I'll come to the next governance meeting.

Though I think I could have some value attending tactical meetings but I don't have the time because of client engagements. It might be a good opportunity to represent the Ecosytem and have a voice at the GCC directly.

If your tension is that Rep Links don't quite know how to manage their role, you could organize sessions between Rep Links where they can share their best practices. A good sign, in a early Holacracy practice, is when Rep Links attend meetings of the Super Circle even if they don't bring any tension.