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Questions to better understand:

  • What do you mean with core roles? The Facilitator role, Secretary and the Rep Link role are done via election process and the Lead Link role will be asssigned by the Super Circle or the Anchor Circle.
  • How many Circles did you create? With the number of people you talk about only a General Company Circle might be enough.


Minimum size is 3 people so 5 will do. Most important thing is that you create clarity on work that needs to be done and organize this into roles. Then you assign the best fit people to these roles.

The Facilitator is only a role that is there for safeguarding the meeting process. This person will have other roles to energize (I hope) and is also allowed during a meeting to react and respond from these roles as well as from the Facilitator role. For more insight see the Constitution article 2.3.1 and 3.3.1