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I think that meetings being time boxed is a matter of best practice that isn't clearly specified in the constitution.  However, it is fairly easy to back-fill a justification for interpreting the constitution to require time boxed meetings.  

For tactical meetings, paragraph 4.2.3.e says, "The Facilitator must attempt to allow time for processing every agenda item within the meeting, and [...] may cut off the processing of any item that’s taking more than its due share of the remaining meeting time." I think clearly implies that the meeting has a fixed end time.

For governance meetings, section 3.3.2 says, "A Circle may only conduct its Governance Process in a meeting if the Secretary has given all Core Circle Members reasonable advance notice that a Governance Meeting will be held, including its time and location." I think that extending a governance meeting past the end time that was included in the notice would run afoul of this section, therefore the meeting must be time boxed.


Making meetings time boxed aren't the only interpretations that pass the "reasonable judgement" requirement of section 3.4.  For example, a reasonable person could conclude that scheduling a meeting from "9 AM - 5 PM (or until there are no more tensions to process)" meets the requirements of the constitution.  Personally, I think that's a poor way to run an organization but it's still allowed.