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Interesting question. In our company they do things out of their actual accountabilities and what the role was intended (but still generate value)...

They regularly meet together discussing if they see similar issues distributed among the circles or things their circle-members have in common. E.g. together they found out people are not happy with the way general communication works in our company and employees lack feedback as they were used to get from their line manager before Holacracy.

Those are "tensions" people don't mention in their circles because a) it has nothing to do with the roles, purpose and accountabilities they have or b) they don't "sense" it (they don't realize they have a tension until they hear someone has a problem they share too, but were not aware of it).

So our Rep Links became like "sensors", discussing things they see inside their circles and could be improved. They act like a single point of contact for outsiders - but not only for the supercircle, but for everybody.