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Reply to Working at Pace

By Andrew Scott Topic posted 10/20/2017

[@mention:563276256657367283], I find that the beauty of holacracy rests in the expectation of self-leadership.

I impose deadlines on myself and believe that they are helpful for anyone (unless I'm writing or producing music...then there's a whole nother 'Flow' that occurs). However, I don't have the right to impose deadlines upon others. This restriction has at least the dual impact of inviting me to ask others regarding when they project that they'll finish and keeping me from trying to manage others (which diverts me from the primary activities in my role(s)).

So, I'd say coaching others to prioritize and, if helpful for them, set deadlines for themselves allows those who will benefit from deadlines to own that benefit -- which should increase the helpful activity. Thank you, BTW, for the link.