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Reply to Recruitment function app

By awo Topic posted 09/13/2017

To fit with the pipeline stages that we have in our new Breezy HR system we used wording in the roles to be that Role Fit Interviews = phone screens and Self Management Fit Interviews = "interviews". We also split Application Reviewer as a separate role away from Recruiter. It seemed helpful that Recruiter would bring in the candidates and Application Reviewer actually says if they are good candidates or not and worthy of a Role fit Interview. Our HR System does all the communication with the candidates for us automatically once we set up the email templates for who is in what pipeline stage but we do still have a governance tension to figure out who should define what those "pipeline stages" are and what the template communications should be when candidates enter those stages.

Also just a tip, Calendly is totally free and removes a ton of the work of scheduling interviews and then you don't have to have a role accountable for it.