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Thanks [@mention:455886150941203371] for making the underlying attitude explicit - very helpful!! It's often really just nuances that make a big difference.

I would love to see an addition on how to "coach" during facilitation. I recognized and received plenty of client feedback that there is a huge difference in coaching the mechanics vs. coaching to surface / highlight / even intervene into group or cultural dynamics at play and providing the insight WHY and HOW the process is designed to stop or break such patterns at play. It helps people to surrender to the process. 

Small example: stop ofter testing an objection and ask: Why was this an invalid objection now, although your perspective seems very reasonable and worth considering? What could you do now? (to better understand the difference between valid objection vs. valid tension or help them out of a felt "winner-loser-dynamic" - "I lost the battle" - which is very common in the beginning in my experience no matter how you frame it.)

anyone similar experiences?

- Gerald