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Hi, Fajar:

Quick thoughts on this one:

In my opinion the implementation of Holacracy should never slow us down operationally/tactically.  If our version of implementation makes it slower, then we should change it. (Although, I have to admit that a lot of times things do slow down, not because of Holacracy, but because of people’s confusion about Holacracy and how to do things, including always waiting for governance first before acting, even though immediate actions are needed, or waiting for tactical meeting to solve operational problems)

Roles already have authority to take any action to achieve the role’s purpose as long as it is not explicitly forbidden, so the same thing applies in a crisis situation.  The relevant role makes the decisions and take the actions immediately, no waiting.

If a governance change is critical and needed quickly, then an ad-Hoc governance can always be called, and all the circle members are to prioritize this meeting ahead all other tasks, so that the change can be made immediately.

In times of crisis, If any one needs to “veto” a decision or action, my understanding is that this is also part of Individual Action, so this can be done quickly. No waiting. Any governance changes will happen afterwards when appropriate.