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[@mention:566795443642518737] I agree with [@mention:494451095081222324] on the general approach. Often times I see novice Holacracy enthusiasts carrying an "anti-hierarchy" banner and getting upset at previous power holders for not playing the Holacracy game correctly. Unfortunately, it's likely counter productive, and frankly, unfair. I'm not saying it's what you are doing, I just thought I'd mention the point. 

My approach would be to remind that person that the decision was made in a governance meeting, and they can't just demand that the circle stops work. I.e. they have to follow the rules of Holacracy like others. But I would quickly offer them to discuss how they could use Holacracy to meet their need. For example, they could request a governance meeting ASAP to propose removing that circle; why not?  And then use the governance process to sort that out.