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[@mention:456308404149183518] Sorry I had a hard time picture the process you described, so I'm not commenting on that. But a couple thoughts:

If the person is less happy because they don't like the role as much after the change, then it sounds like a personal role-fit issue and s/he might consider getting out of the role?  Or if it's just because s/he was working on a specific tool s/he liked a lot, s/he could propose to continue working on this specific tool out of interest, until it's done?

Regarding the long discussion to come up with a solution: it sounds like the two role fillers discussed a proposal outside of a governance meeting, and came to the governance meeting with their solution already agreed upon. When it happens, the governance meeting is likely to feel like an unnecessary and bureaucratic formal process... since the decision was already made! Instead, consider encouraging people to bring their proposals to the meeting without discussing them ahead of time, and using the gov meeting process to sort out any objections. It should cut down on the meeting time quite a bit, and it will make people more engaged in the process.