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Reply to Ideas Needed

By Jenn Topic posted 09/21/2017

[@mention:493184366878843164] Ditto to what [@mention:544274267239861666] said about raising an objection - it seems to me that you just articulated one in your post, so I hope you raise it at the governance meeting. 

I think you want to be cautious with how the parents are going to be represented in the circle's governance process. I love the idea of having some kind of representative for the parents' interests in the circle, since they are major stakeholders.

At the same time, the governance process is designed for roles to govern the organization, not people. The purpose of the organization is the guiding north star, and roles are serving the organization's purpose, whereas the parents per se as serving their own personal (and their kids') purpose (as they should).

There is a line that I believe shouldn't be crossed between listening to your customers/stakeholders, and letting them veto decisions you need to make for the organization. 

I'm curious about the Parent Rep tension actually. Why are parents not feeling represented by the existing rep? Maybe they need another one? Maybe you want a policy allowing them to choose the Rep via election or some convenient process?

Is it that their tensions are not being represented, or that they are represented but don't get resolved in the way they want? The former situation might be an issue, the latter might just be the healthy outcome of an integration. It seems like a rep link type role for parents should address their need for representation, so if it's not doing that I would explore why. 

As an alternative, here is a suggestion for how you could structure this process:

  • You could have the Parent Handbook defined as a Domain on a role that's accountable for developing and evolving it. In addition, the accountability could mention a need to integrate objections from parents before updating it. E.g. "Developing and evolving the Parent Handbook, and notifying parents and integrating their Objections before releasing updated versions".

Note: this uses the construct of Objections as a threshold for things that need to be integrated, instead of any input they might have. By delegating the domain of the Parent Handbook to a role, it allows this role to update it without going to a governance meeting, which would help with your need for speed and agility.

Hope that helps, good luck!