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Brian Winfrey, correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I read the original post was that it sounds like the expectation is that in that role, the Career Coach would not advise anyone leave the circle or the company, even if the purpose of the Career Coach were to provide advice to a partner seeking it regarding a current role. It seems that without that restriction, even if the Career Coach sees it as harmful to the circle, if the individual filling that role comes to him and says, I'm considering vacating my current role in Circle X, which I was hired for and contribute greatly to, and take on a different role in Circle Y or leave the company altogether, then the Career Coach would not be obliged to provide assistance in to the partner.

That said, this may be better expressed as a policy whereas the career coach would not encourage a partner to vacate an important role or circle, but provide advice around options, how to perform a smooth transition, et cetera. I could see how even internally, recruiting someone to another role in another circle may benefit that circle and partner (grass is always greener on the other side), but could greatly damage the primary circle by vacating the role in which he was originally hired or primarily functions in.