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Reply to Interpretation

By Louis Topic posted 10/01/2017


Thanks. The Constitution is already pretty clear on that in my opinion, as no interactions are allowed as “The Facilitator must immediately stop and disallow any out-of-turn comments, any attempts to engage others in a dialog or exchange of any sort, and any reactions to other reactions instead of to the Proposal.” same for the Secretary eventually noting the Reactions, which have no real value. My question was more about the fact that there wasn't technically any physicals interactions (in that case) about if so somebody “talking from a role to another ““internally””” was considered as an interaction as he's both Proposer and Secretary (which I'd say yes, because of interacting with GlassFrog), and so wished to have people giving and explaining the why of their interpretation for the given example with for example a polarity which is “as it's not prohibited (or explicit), it's open to”.